An Introduction…Welcome!

Welcome to my new blog! Hopefully I will keep you interested so you will come back again and again.

I am an old dog you might say at 66.5 years of age…however I feel, most of the time like I am in my 30s. But a recent check up with my local doc indicated that I have some developing medical problems, along with my old friend Diabetes II, that I now have to deal with. I have undergone the battery of tests to confirm or deny the existence of the problems. Well, as luck with have it, I do have some issues that are beginning to plaque my body although I generally feel quite well. After experiencing the anger and denial phase, then the acceptance phase, I am now dealing with my reality and deciding to live each day to the fullest, I have decided to pursue in earnest those few things remaining in my bucket list.

My bucket list is actually quite short in all honesty. My military career of 25 years, and more recently my 18 years as a federal employee, have enabled me to live a pretty full life having traveled all over the United States.  Additionally I have been married for over 47 years to a wonderful dedicated wife with three sons and 5 grandchildren to spoil. So you see the major lifetime societal expectations have been successfully accomplished…but yet something inside of me continues to haunt my daily life.

After much deep thought and mental mashing of this haunting feeling I realized that what remained was a deeply embedded wanderlust. I enlisted into the Air Force when I was 20 years old and soon discovered a military lifestyle of being ordered to different assignment locations. It was typical for a military family to be uprooted on the average of every 3-4 years and reassigned to another location, whether in the United States or abroad in a foreign country. As a result of the mandated moves military families became accustomed to the anticipation and excitement of being reassigned to a new location, basically starting over in a new community every 3-4 years. Additionally I traveled on many what are called TDYs, temporary duty assignments in military jargon, during my career which further expanded the number of locations I visited. This anticipation quickly became an addiction of sorts lasting for a lifetime. I know I acquired this affliction during my 25 years in the Air Force.

As a result of my wanderlust affliction, it has been difficult for me to put down roots anywhere for more than 5 consecutive years. I soon realized that duty in federal service also required frequent relocations if I wanted to progress upward in my career. So once again my family and I relocated a number of times in the recent 18 years to enable me to take advantage of career promotion opportunities. But now as I set here writing this in the waning years of my current federal employment career I find my wanderlust affliction rearing its head once again. What to do?

In light of my age, surfacing medical issues and my deeply embedded wanderlust I decided it was high time to fulfill the items in my bucket list – to find a means to fulfill the gnawing wanderlust by exploring New England and beyond on short 3-4 day excursions in a motorhome while maintaining our current home as a base. Additionally I have always had the extreme drive to merge my writing and photography skills into one activity thereby fulfilling three bucket list items in one activity – a win-win situation. Fortunately my wife also enjoys travel with a motorhome so we are good there. So here we are.

After much research on the wonderful internet I was able to locate and close a great deal on a pre-owned well maintained 30 foot motorhome. Isn’t it crazy how the use of common words in our language are manipulated to portray a different meaning – “pre-owned” as opposed to “used”.  I suppose “pre-owned” psychologically presents a more positive image to the buyer. Anyway, I digress. A long story short, we purchased this low mileage well maintained 2005 Class A motorhome and completed our “maiden voyage” last weekend with positive results. This brings me to the purpose of this blog.

Now I have the motorhome and one voyage under my belt. Owning the motorhome is not new to me as we owned a slightly smaller Class A while we lived on the West coast and I have missed the flexibility and freedom of travel with a motorhome since. So part of the bucket list items was to utilize my writing and photography to document our travels,  to include mobile life with our three dogs – good or bad, in a blog for others to read and hopefully enjoy…hence the blog name “Three Dog Journey”.

The blog will highlight the trials and tribulations of travel and exploration with the critters as well as the experiences of motorhome travel while visiting the multitude of campgrounds, towns and communities of New England.

Stay tuned and I hope you enjoy my observations, thoughts and general rambling. Please let me know by leaving comments on the blog space. Thanks everyone! More to follow.

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