More about me…

I thought I would add another entry giving you a little more background about myself. It’s a tough call on what to tell about yourself online…what do you say and what do you not say. I am the paranoid type always fearing or looking at the worst case scenarios in everything I do. You see my background education, training, life’s work, and 35 years experience with safety and occupational health programs is responsible, I believe, for my at times pessimistic outlook on life. Safety professionals are trained to look at the worst case scenarios when applied to possible hazards and risks for employees. Then to top it off, we are tasked to investigate accidents to determine what went wrong and why. Thirty five years in this profession has taught me to not take anything at face value, to always look behind the curtain, to dig deeper then what appears to be the reason for the accident. I am an inquisitive person, always questioning and analyzing what I see. Anyway, I digress. My point is my entries may at times be a questioning, cynical approach to a topic but only to express my stance and at times get a reaction from my readers.

One troubling topic of late is the never ending discussion on retirement. As I approach that point in my life I have researched to no end how other people deal with retirement. I have read many discussion boards and blogs where people have described their experiences with retirement. Surprisingly most of the concerns and complaints are not related to monetary issues. Most deal with the psychological impacts and pressures, isolation and depression, lack of life schedules and social interaction, and loss of purpose in life. Those of us still gainfully employed see retirement as an escape from the 9-5 life, commuting hassles, employee/employer relations, the treadmill of corporate advancement, and continuous requirement to impress the boss. We tend to look at impending retirement as the answer to all those woes – the promise of the good life, the mythical golden years. Well let me tell you from what I have read as well as learned talking with retirees, the golden years are a myth, regardless of how wealthy you might be in retirement. Money does not replace the human’s basic psychological needs.

I was considering retirement in a few years but have tentatively decided to remain gainfully employed for a while longer. You see I still enjoy my profession. I am fortunate to be able to work from home in my cozy home office, I am near the top rung in my career ladder so therefore don’t have the need or desire to progress further. However, I am the type person that needs to be challenged, able to use my creativity and still serve a purpose – at the moment I still feel I am a small part of a bigger machine or entity. Plus my employment still affords me the income and time to utilize our Class A RV for short re-energizing 2-3 day getaway trips in this part of the country. Upon return I am revitalized and ready to tackle another week’s worth of work, tethered to my phone and computer.

I’ll end this entry here to avoid getting too wordy in one setting. I have a mountain of thoughts and ideas to share with my readers. Hopefully I will trigger a response from you all. Be sure to write in your comments or thoughts for topics of discussion. Other wise I will continue to write about those things that impact my life, good or bad, and also include experiences with my three dogs or “girls” as I call them. Bye for now.

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