Today…What is this site all about?

First off I want to explain my blog title selection. You see…my wife and I have three dogs; a Morky, a Scottish Terrier, and a Labradoodle, all of them females. I was trying to think of a catchy title for a blog and .com site that folks would easily remember. I wracked my brain jotting down a variety of name combinations. I needed something unique for a .com site that had not been taken yet was diverse enough to encapsulate a variety of topics. As I sat in my office thinking, my three girls (dogs) lie on the floor nearby. My Labradoodle, Jazzy (short for Jasmine), turned her head to look at me. Hmmm I thought, my original idea was to write about our RV adventures with three dogs. So the title “Three Dog Journey” eventually jelled in my mind. The next step was to see if the internet .com was available. Lo and behold…it was, so I purchased the domain name and voila – I have my website “”.

Those of you that visited this blog most likely have not been back as there hasn’t been any new content since early last summer. Can’t tell you why. I had intended to provide updates on my three dog journey but failed to do so. I guess life got in the way. However I am now anxious to revive this blog and add content on a regular basis.

I am going to use this blog, Three Dog Journey, to encompass all kinds of life’s adventures, trials and tribulations, emotions, experiences and thoughts of a 66 year old male, still gainfully employed, things about the pros and cons of retirement, who has a wonderful home, three wonderful dogs and a loving wife. The premise of the “Three Dog Journey” blog entries is they are snapshots in time, freeze frame captures of a moment or day in a life. No doubt one or all of my three dogs will play an active part in this blog but not necessarily so.

I have been journaling for years, that is writing down my thoughts, experiences and emotions, in a journal, in my case a digital journal on a dedicated laptop. I try to write daily but not always so. Some days I’ll write 2000 words in one setting, some days 250 words. It all depends on what is going on, or has been going on, in my life. Most entries are entirely personal. However I wish to utilize this blog to share some of the non-personal thoughts and experiences with you all, particularly those of you who are approaching retirement or are retired. God knows we have our share of things to write about.

So…I plan to diversify this blog as described above and include facets of my “Three Dog Journey”, a journey through senior life. Hope you enjoy. Please let me know your thoughts on what you read. Thanks all.


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